Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dean on The Remembrall Live

Yes, another one!

I spoke with C'Belle at the Remembrall Live podcast a few weeks ago. You can listen to episode 57 here. Once again, it was a great time. I'm so pleased, and not surprised, how many of these Potter Podcasters are also the Drama Kids at their schools. Well, C'Belle goes to a performing arts school, so they're, like, ALL the drama kids, but you get my point. She and I wound up talking long after the real interview was over, about matters theatrical and playwrighterly.

Also, this episode includes not only the SALLY clip I recorded with Crissy, but also another scene I recorded with some of the Remembrall crew. That was great fun, and I got to play both Ryebread and Underdrawers. Will you be able to tell they're both me? Um ... yes. Mel Blanc I ain't.

Every contact I make with fandom reminds me how full of smart, fun people it is. One of my goals with this play was to praise J. K. Rowling for what she has created. Learning more about the fandom she has spawned ... well, now I know what to praise in the sequel.

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