Thursday, May 28, 2009

how I tweeted away a perfectly good workday

That's right, gang! I'm on Twitter and you can follow me like exhaustion followed LeakyCon (which looks like it was a total blast and I'm really jealous I couldn't go). My name, if course deanocarroll

Yesterday, I got on a jag of tweeting "Tweets from Fairy Tale Characters." Here's what I wrote. If you feel so compelled, g'head and add more with the obligatory #tweetsfromfairytalecharacters tag.

Living with seven guys! Don't tell dad!

What the hell is this big green thing in my yard?

Going to grandma's! Dammit! Forgot flowers!

Traded my voice for legs by I can still Tweet! Take that, Sea-Beyotch!

Tip for campers – breadcrumbs no substitute for map and compass

Anyone find a shoe at the ball last night?

I've been asleep for 100 years! How can I still be tired?

Um ... okay, if YOU gave birth to a magic dwarf who could spin straw into gold, what would YOU name him?

These instructions are in Swedish! Last time I buy a house of twigs from Ikea.

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