Friday, May 29, 2009

Dean on the Accio Potter Podcast

My ongoing plan to become ubiquitous in the Potter Podcastosphere procedes apace. Now you can hear the first ever interview I did about SALLY COTTER, with the Accio Potter Podcast. I recorded this in April, before I knew the play would be published earlier than I'd been told, and before I realized the kids I saw reading a Potter book in 2009 were reading Chamber of Secrets, not Prisoner of Azkaban. It took a little while longer to get this one up because they had to edit it together. See, I was recording my end and Shannon, my interviewer, was recording hers. This leads to a couple of jumpy edits (we actually did this over the course of two days) and at one point I seem highly egotistical asking Shannon what her favorite part of my brilliant play was. But I promise it flowed naturally from our conversation! Oh, and I'm not blaming Shannon! All her edits make total sense and were necessary!

Now that I've mentioned the few TINY little problems ... It's a great interview. Shannon was great to talk to, and I've really come to like the whole Accio gang. And I quite like that I'm not the WHOLE SHOW this time, just one segment on an episode full of news, discussion and general bonhomie.

Please drop by Accio Potter and friend me on Potter Profiles. If you do, once I rule the world, I will spare you and your loved ones.

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  1. Shannon forgives you =] hahaha