Saturday, October 31, 2009


By all reports -- please read Skye's amazing comment on yesterday's post -- the SALLY COTTER premiere at St. Margaret Mary's was nothing short of blockbusting. This is amazing news. I can't wait for video. For now, here are some photos, probably many more to come.

Congratulations, from the bottom of my hear to cast and crew. I couldn't have asked for a better opening.

Dave, Harmonica, and Sally. Great uniforms, though this was a Catholic School, so they might have had some on hand. I'm intrigued that they went with the head scar for Sally. I don't mention one in the script, but it's so key to Potter. I've often wondered if schools would give her one. So far the vote talley is Scar 1, No-Scar 2. (obscure "Arrested Development" reference)

The Beetles, rocking out to their hit song "I Wanna Hold All Six of Your Hands"

I love Professor Underdrawers here. He will be my new Twitter avatar, shortly.

Shape and the Slymythings, which would be a great name for a Wrock Band.

Ursa, trying to taste Sally and Friends as they hide under the cape. Skye calls this "The Licking Scene" which it certainly is, though taken out of context that sounds a little odd.

Nicely creepy letter people ... either that or a whole lot of people are about to die in Funky Winkerbean. (Obscure reference, I know)

The Censor. I'm very intrigued to see how people approach this character. This look is great. Will other Censors rock the argyle sweater vest? We'll see.

Ed Herdturd Molar and the Magic Rock

Great looking Lord Murderdeath. Scary!

The full cast looks great together.

Look at this! T-shirts! They made t-shirts for my play! How awesome is that?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Roll out the red carpet!

Tonight's the night folks! World premiere performance of SALLY COTTER AND THE CENSORED STONE. The cast and crew at St. Margaret Mary's in Winter Park Florida are mixing up their Witch's Brews, practicing getting the flunch through the spoodle, and fitting on their Beetle antennae. Let's all wish them broken legs and big, big laughs. I'm very excited, but probably not half as psyched as they are.

I've been in touch with Skye Dumoulin, the director. She and her cast have been working impossibly hard to get this together and I'm sure it will pay off big time. I really wish I could be there.

Listen up, Southern California! Somebody put on a darn SALLY COTTER production that I can actually go see!

Skye's put some photos online, so here's a glimpse of what the good people of Winter Park will be seeing tonight!

It's always a thrill to see actors dressed as characters you've created. Okay, sure these "characters I've created" are really just parodies of characters JK Rowling created, but it's still a special feeling.

I'm not the first to say this, and this isn't the first time I've said it, but at the moment, SALLY COTTER AND THE CENSORED STONE is just a script, words on paper. Tonight, when there are actors living out that story and an audience following it, laughing and applauding, it will truly become a play. I'm so grateful to Skye and her gang for making this happen and for all the other productions that are coming up in the next few weeks.

This production, by the way, is the only one I can truly attribute to my activities in fandom. I met Skye on MyLeaky and she seemed eager to read the play and then ever eagerer to produce it. I love the people in Potter fandom. They're just wonderful, wonderful people.

Plus, Skye lives in Orlando, which is about to become the hub of Potter fandom, with the theme park opening next year and two enormous Potter Conferences in the next two years, Infitus in 2010 and LeakyCon 2011. So it's really good to have a connection there.

Oh, plus Skye is totally awesome as a person.

Curtain up!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Productions! We've got productions!

Wow! Haven't been bloggin' so much lately.

Sorry about that, but SALLY has been busy. At the moment we have SIX productions scheduled for this fall and I know of two more that have been announced but not fully booked. I've contacted the directors of all of these productions so I hope to have pictures and updates and all that cool stuff. Here's where the show is going up. More info can be found here (yeah, we have a Facebook page now, too)

St. Margaret Mary School Winter Park, FL
Oct 30, 2009

Milford High School Milford, DE
Nov 5, 2009-

St. Thomas Aquinas High School Dover, NH
Nov 12, 2009-

Birch Run High School Birch Run, MI
Nov 12, 2009-

Plymouth North High School Plymouth, MA
Nov 20, 2009-

Waukee Community School District--Prairieview Dallas Center, IA
Dec 4, 2009- 5-Dec-09

I wish the best of broken legs to all these productions and I hope there will be many more!