Friday, October 30, 2009

Roll out the red carpet!

Tonight's the night folks! World premiere performance of SALLY COTTER AND THE CENSORED STONE. The cast and crew at St. Margaret Mary's in Winter Park Florida are mixing up their Witch's Brews, practicing getting the flunch through the spoodle, and fitting on their Beetle antennae. Let's all wish them broken legs and big, big laughs. I'm very excited, but probably not half as psyched as they are.

I've been in touch with Skye Dumoulin, the director. She and her cast have been working impossibly hard to get this together and I'm sure it will pay off big time. I really wish I could be there.

Listen up, Southern California! Somebody put on a darn SALLY COTTER production that I can actually go see!

Skye's put some photos online, so here's a glimpse of what the good people of Winter Park will be seeing tonight!

It's always a thrill to see actors dressed as characters you've created. Okay, sure these "characters I've created" are really just parodies of characters JK Rowling created, but it's still a special feeling.

I'm not the first to say this, and this isn't the first time I've said it, but at the moment, SALLY COTTER AND THE CENSORED STONE is just a script, words on paper. Tonight, when there are actors living out that story and an audience following it, laughing and applauding, it will truly become a play. I'm so grateful to Skye and her gang for making this happen and for all the other productions that are coming up in the next few weeks.

This production, by the way, is the only one I can truly attribute to my activities in fandom. I met Skye on MyLeaky and she seemed eager to read the play and then ever eagerer to produce it. I love the people in Potter fandom. They're just wonderful, wonderful people.

Plus, Skye lives in Orlando, which is about to become the hub of Potter fandom, with the theme park opening next year and two enormous Potter Conferences in the next two years, Infitus in 2010 and LeakyCon 2011. So it's really good to have a connection there.

Oh, plus Skye is totally awesome as a person.

Curtain up!


  1. Dean, I wish with all my heart you could have been there tonight! To say your play is an epic success would be an understatement!

    First, the kids were thrilled by your "Break a Leg" e-mail. They all adore you and are dying to meet you face to face. What a unique and wonderful experience it has been for them (and me!) to have the author of the play we are producing be in such close contact... to have him answer questions we may have and to offer his support and encouragement is worth more than we can say.

    Then, the school secretary walked over with the amazing package you sent, I hid it until just before the curtain went up. We all were crying when we read your beautiful letter. The kids SCREAMED with excitement about the enclosed plays. They're already planning productions of both. I think they feel you are their own personal playwright now!

    Just before the house lights dimmed when it was time for me to leave them to run sound and lights they insisted we circle up and put our hands in. "This is for Dean!" they all said, and your name was exclaimed after the count of three. Yeah, you've got some fans!

    Then the curtain went up and the magic began. Dean, from the MOMENT the play began the audience was ROLLING in the aisles. The laughter was HUGE! They roared at every joke. During the Quizzicalish scene the audience made so much noise I thought they'd never stop! It was glorious. The kids milked it, too... every single joke. The applause at the end seemed to go on forever.

    Afterwards nearly EVERYONE in the audience came up to me to talk about the play... not just the kids and their performance, but the play itself. One dad remarked, "This is the perfect play for this age group." A mom said she never laughed so hard at a play. Another said, "There was not a line out of place, not a joke that doesn't work. It's so well-written." My personal favorite was the parent who said, "This guy is a genius!" That's YOU, Dean! GENIUS!!

    I can't thank you enough. I love this play and so did everyone else who acted in it, crewed it, and watched it. You are a great playwright and I'm so glad to have met you!! (Thanks Myleaky!!)

    My older students(high school and college) are DYING to do the show at Infinitas. If it doesn't work maybe we could arrange a special performance at my studio theater (just 25 minutes from Universal) either just before, after, or even during Infinitas so that convention-goers can attend. This play needs to be seen!

    Thanks so very much for sharing your talent and your wonderful spirit with us. The kids are working on a "Sally Cotter Care Package" for you. Can't wait for the next Dean/Skye collaberation!!!

    Much love and gratitude,


  2. Skye, that is fantastic! I'm writing you a personal email right away, but, in brief, it sounds like the premiere was everything I could have wished it would be and much, much more. Thank you.