Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twittering away

As you can see, I've added a Widget to this page to show my recent Tweets. But, since I think every single word I write is brilliant, I've also decided to archive some of my favorite tweets before they vanish into the ether. So here are some of them:

John @hodgman is speaking after Obama at the @rtcadinner . Will there be a
rebuttal where Dick Cheney speaks, followed by Justin Long?

waitwait: This weekend, the panelists predict a hidden clause in the new health care plan. Got one? /ian
deanocarroll: @waitwait A surprising amount of funding to go to "enormous ear care"

Edward R. Murrow - Good night and good luck #thingsfamouspeoplesayaftersex

Walter Cronkite -- And that's the way it is #thingsfamouspeoplesayaftersex

BillCorbett: I have a
disturbing number of followers who want to see a cute panda torn to pieces by a
shark. Well...OK, I'll see what I can do.
deanocarroll: @BillCorbett what would be an acceptable number of followers who want to see a cute panda torn to pieces by a shark?

@sueupton All the people who keep complaining about HBP being PG seem to forget the book is 70% about high school sports and teen dating

@loresjoberg "I don't think many sea otters have read the Ramayana" My pet sea otter loved "Ramayana the Pest" and "Ramayana Quimby, Age 8"

jacobuskaminus: Who do you think won the Second Annual
Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of
deanocarroll: @jacobuskaminus Probably an inanimate carbon rod

Listening to Jack demolish Jay ( @jayandjack ) on the Lost podcast. How many times must Lost show us Locke was a loser before it sinks in?

petersagal Just had to ask someone: "Online or real world?".
Whats the preferred term for latter? "Meatspace?" "Where my shell
deanocarroll @petersagal "Face-to-Face-Book"? "Avatar-Free Land"?

Sad my old friend Marin Ireland didn't win a Tony tonight, but, if you have to lose to somebody, Angela Lansbury is a pretty good choice.

@brebishop Not following HP news? So you didn't hear JKR say that Cho Chang married Kreacher?

Very sad about the loss of David Eddings, my favorite fantasy author of my youth. If you've never read The Belgariad, check it out!

Wanna see my C3P-O-face?

Saw preview of Land ot Lost. Love Will Ferrell, but it's hard to make a WORSE TVtoFilm adaptation than Bewitched. This does it! Bad movie

@aaronspod I like USHollywood,
but it's so tiny, compared to Disneyland. The location is great, but otherwise a
one-visit place.
@aaronspod USHollywood lives in a state of denial, too. They still have a Waterworld stunt show for crying out loud!
@aaronspod It's a
really cool show, but couldn't they repurpose some of those stunts to tie them
in to a movie people, like, SAW?
@aaronspod (I mean a movie seen by people -- no reference to the "Saw" films, which would probably not make for a good live
show -- YIKES!)

Yes, she's really going out with him, but it's purely physical. #answerstosongtitles

Because, if we did, a car might run us over, mid-coitus. #answerstosongtitles

Dr. Alfred Kinsey wrote the book of love. Yes, it would be nice.

Just heard Kris Allen on the @insidethemagic podcast and I think he said something about singing a song called "Anal Sunshine."

Christian Slater is doing a "Heathers" sequel? http://bit.ly/10Uj9R Didn't he (SPOILER) blow up in the first one?

Kevin Nealon asked what it would be like if Jesus had been on Twitter
@kevin_nealon Sermon on the Mount would have been 140 characters and included the phrase "blessed are the PCmakers"

@jfftsq http://twitpic.com/670q8 - Hey, I love the Moaning Turtles, especially their song "Unhappy Together" #1960spop-rockhumor

Darth Molly (or, alternately Darth ShoppingMall); SheWoks #sexchangestarwars

#sexchangestarwars Prince Leo; Qui-Gonn Gina; Handrea Solo; Barbara Fett; Shmuel Skywalker; Yodarlene; Greedorothy; Landoris Calrissean;

@siriuslypotter Listening to episode 19. Favorite line: "Who's Dean O'Carroll?"

@loresjoberg Mosk #popeyesfavoritebryophyteandislamicplaceofworship Mask

@loresjoberg Baskin #popeyesfavoritelargebowlandicecreamcocreator

@loresjoberg Basques #popeyesfavoritefishandspanishthnicgroup

#songsfrompopeyesdiscoalbum "That's The Way I Likesk It" "Ring Me Bell" "Turn the Boat Around"

#NPRpuns "The Bissell and ShamWow" -- Irish songs about as-seen-on TV cleaning products. Really stretches the "no commercial" format

#NPRpuns Frosh Air, in-depth conversations about the smells found in freshman dorm rooms

#NPRpuns "Prairie Home Longtime Companion" -- stories from a town where all the men are good looking and that's all we care about.

#unlikelysequels Slumdog Millionaire: Tournament of Champions. Brokeback Mountain: The Next Generation. Crash 2:Still Crashin'!

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