Friday, November 6, 2009

The First State, The Second Production

I've heard nothing but good things about the production of SALLY in Milford, Delaware. Excellent! We're two for two!

I should have photos and video from that production soon but now I want to share the cover from the program and the program itself, because it includes some very funny new character names for the chorus. I always love when productions insert their own creativity into a script. I particularly like that they've given Dave a last name and a whole family!

Production Staff
Ms. Carissa Meiklejohn

Mrs. Erica Snyder

Ms. Sarah Honey
Mrs. Cindy Whitehead

Set Construction
Mr. Jack Newark and the
set construction class

Light/Sound Director
Mr. Bruce Leibu

Logo design
Mrs. Karine Richards

Poster Printing
Mr. Bruce Leibu

T-shirt Printing

Stage Manager
Lindsay Schulze

Assistant Stage Manager/Props
Sarah Propst

Kim McKinney

Stage Crew
Tara Bowden
Kaitlin Weaver

Evan Wittman
Zeph Geyer
Brett Hall

Present Day

Act I Sally’s bedroom, Frogbull Academy

15 minute Intermission

Act II Frogbull Academy, Sally’s bedroom

Sally Cotter
Hillary Chen

Becky Ball

Prof. Shiftia Shape
Bethany Lennox

Ursa Malaise
Toni Gynac

Prof. Underdrawers
Chad Dickerson

Dave Ferret
Matthew Bantel

Ed Molar
Brian Pierson

Reubenon Ryebread
Adam Murphy

The Censor
Nora Goodleaf

Lord Murderdeath
Mr. Shawn Snyder

Supporting Cast
Mother/Prof. Sproutacus
Rose McFassel

Goona Glovewood
Madi Dodge

Fredina Ferret
Lacy Devoe

Georgette Ferret
Lauren Walton

Angie Aardvarkovich
Amber-Lee Miller

Deanna Pierson

Boyle Butkiss
Michael Walls

Beetle/Dedric Ciggory
Neil Shah

Beetle/Connor Creamy
William Badger

Beetle/Prof. Quilt
Dakota Madanat

Beetle/Prof. Jumpstart
Tayvon Johnson

Terri Boots
Samantha Wagamon

Sara Marks

Murffie Moggal
Chelsea Trotman

Winny Ferret
Sam Benton

Lana Rabbit
Natalie Bradley

Mary Turnit
Grace McFassel

Professor McDonalds
Bre Fitch

Chloe Bell
Breanna Henderson

Felicia Fossils
Megan Rossetti

Audience Notes
• Please refrain from the use of photography or video recording as it is against our agreement with Playscripts, Inc.
• Remember that Milford School District is a non-smoking environment.
• Please turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices. Even their ambient light can be a distraction to the performers and patrons.

Director’s Notes
I hadn’t read the Harry Potter series until two years ago, and once I began, I couldn’t put it down. I finally discovered what everyone else had already learned—they are truly enthralling books that have inspired many to read. The characters and plot elements that are parodied in this production are hysterical and make this play so enjoyable. It has also been wonderful to perform a brand new play and be a part of its debut—thanks to Dean O’Carroll for giving us this great script and the ability to add our own touches. I am so proud of our students and the imagination and creativity they have brought to our stage. I welcome all of our new drama club members who have joined us for this undertaking. I am thrilled to work with so many fantastic students. Enjoy!
Carissa Meiklejohn
Special Thanks to
• Hospital Auxiliary for use of the tricycle
• Mrs. Kaye Majoch for use of robes
• Mr. Nate L’Armand for props
• Mrs. Karine Richards and art students for painting the shields
• Allison Chamberlain for her hard work, though she couldn’t perform due to illness
• Sarah Propst for spending numerous hours organizing the costume loft

Join us for our musical
Bye Bye Birdie
March 4-6, 2010

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