Monday, July 6, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a production!

Oh, I am so psyched! I just got word from Playscripts that a production of SALLY COTTER has been booked and the play will be performed November 20-22 at Plymouth North High School in Plymouth, MA.

I checked out some videos on line and the Plymouth North Drama club does a lot of shows every year. Man, there's nothing I love more than a thriving, active High School drama club. You can see a lot of their videos here.

I am thrilled beyond belief that my first production will be in my old home state, Massachusetts. That's where every play I've written since college premiered and I'm happy to keep that streak alive.

Of course, somebody could still come a long and ace 'em! Could YOUR school or theatre get a production up and running by October, September ... maybe even August? Plymouth was, after all, where the Pilgrims landed. American started there and now it looks like SALLY COTTER will, too.

Unless you beat 'em to the punch!

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