Friday, April 24, 2009

so close I can taste it!

Great news! Well, it's great for me, anyway. Playscripts had thought they would publish the play this summer, but now it looks like it'll be out next week!

The not-so-good-news ... well, for you, anyway, is that I won't be able to send free copies any more, once it's officially published. But don't worry, too much. You'll be able to read most of the script for free at the Playscripts website.

Now, one of the last steps in publication is a final proof read. Playscripts did one, and then sent proofs of the script, all nicely formatted, for me to check as well. I was a little embarassed how many grammatical and verbiage mistakes I made, but I think I caught them all ... which means I probably missed several. Actually most of the corrections I made were just to make Ryebread's dialect more consistent, which is ironic, considering the whole point is that no one knows what his accent is.

Anway, as a peek behind the scenes, and because I think they're kinda funny out of context, here are some of the more interesting changes I sent in to Playscripts.

Page 2 – not sure of your policy but should “Mad Magazine” be italicized?

Page 5 -- RYEBREAD’s line “trying to eat me pet ogre-bear” should read “trying ter eat me pet ogre-bear.”

Page 7 – Change SALLY’s line “your parents were Monkeysunkles” to “your parents are Monkeysunkles”

Page 9 – From Dave’s line “You mean like dinosaurs or pirates or fairy tale princesses?” please cut “or pirates” (there is a pirate reference on the next page and it’s a little jarring)

Page 16 – in SHAPE’s line “information about the Magic Rock is off limits to student” should “off limits” be hyphenated? Your call.

Page 18 – RYEBREAD’s line “That’s four thousand points and the game to Goodydrops.” Should read “That’s four thousand points and the game ter Goodydrops.”

Page 27 – “SALLY and DAVE” is formatted as a stage direction, but it’s actually which characters say the next line. It should read “SALLY and DAVE. Herdturd?”

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